Thomas J Brennan Architects is an award winning architectural firm excelling in the design of single-family, multi-family, affordable, redevelopment, and mixed-use/transit projects.

With nearly three decades of experience in the housing market, the firm has contributed nationally to the Housing Industry by providing award-winning residential and multifamily projects in many states.

As a leader in the Design Profession, they have been recognized for providing quality designs, and at the same time catering to specific needs and requirements of their clients.

Recipient of numerous “Excellence in Design” awards, Thomas J Brennan Architects has been acknowledged for their expertise in Residential Housing. The combination and diversity of nationwide exposure to design with a strong technical knowledge and understanding of regional construction has allowed this firm to excel, producing projects that are market driven with skillful architectural design.
Trend setting has always been the firms forte’. Blending economies and design to the ultimate needs of the client.

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